County Commissioners
Robert Miller, Jr. President
Scott Varner
Stanley Stewart

County Commission Staff
Betsy Wilson Frohnapfel, Administrator
Howard W. Coffield, Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds
Missy Tschappat, Secretary

Marshall County Commission
P.O. Drawer B
Moundsville, WV 26041

P: (304) 845-0482
F: (304) 843-1074

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County Commission Duties

  • The authority and limitations of the County Commission is set forth by the West Virginia Code in Chapter 7. County Commissions and Officers. Chapter 7-1-3. details the jurisdiction, powers and duties of the County Commission and specifically grants the following powers and duties:
  • The custody of, through their clerks, all deeds and other papers presented for record in their counties, with responsibility for their preservation or disposal as may be prescribed by law.
  • The administration of the internal police and fiscal affairs of their counties, with authority to lay county levies, under regulations as may be prescribed by law.
  • Serve as the judge of elections, overseeing the proper conduction of the election and confirming results by canvassing. If recounts are requested, the commission conducts the procedure.
  • Counties have no jurisdiction over any of the municipalities such as Benwood, Cameron, Glen Dale, McMechen or Moundsville, with the excepting of approving petitions for minor boundary adjustments.
  • The Commission neither owns nor repairs any roads, however they may authorize the closing of a road or street that is found to be unused and not within a municipality. This process is done by petition, usually with the owner of the property involved.
  • Their general duties include, but are not limited to:
    • Preparation and adoption of a budget for all county offices in the Courthouse, except judges and magistrates;
    • Laying the levy (setting the tax rates) based on assessed property values;
    • Ownership and maintenance of numerous county properties
    • Sitting as a Board of Review and Equalization in February of each year to hear appeals on property values for assessment purposes and make adjustments if necessary;
    • Appoints members of certain county boards, authorities and public service districts;
    • Adoption of ordinances for the protection, safety and well being of the people of the County;
    • Grants approval of purchase and payments for all county elected officials except for judges and magistrates.

County Commission Meeting Dates

The Marshall County Commission meets in Regular Session at 9:30 AM on the first Tuesday of January, April, July and October. They meet in Special Session at 9:30 AM on every other Tuesday. The meetings are held on the basement floor of the Marshall County Courthouse in the County Commission Chambers.

West Virginia Code Chapter 7-1-2. Sessions. details the timeline in which the County must hold Regular Session Meetings and when they may hold Special Session Meetings.


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