Humane Officer

Position Description

Location:        Marshall County Garage
Supervisor:     County Administrator
Budget Code: 716

Department:   Humane Officer

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following:
Responds to and follows-up on all animal related complaints; investigate all complaints of cruel or inhumane treatment of animals within the county and see that the law relating to the prevention of cruelty to animals is enforced. 
Captures and impounds unlicensed, sick, stray and injured animals in Marshall County by performing the following duties:

  • Snare animals with a net, rope or other animal control device.
  • Place animals in cage or secures animal in truck.
  • Transport animals to shelter in truck.
  • Remove animals from truck to shelter cage or other enclosure.
  • Supply personal care to detained animals while in Animal Control Officer custody.
  • Investigate complaints of animal bite cases.
  • Quarantine or send animals to Health Department (Charleston) to be checked for Rabies.
  • Clean out waste from truck.
  • Witness Sheep Claim Form when farmers have sheep or cattle killed by dogs.
  • Handle calls after hours and take in dogs when deemed necessary.
  • Examine dog licenses for validity and issue warnings or citations to delinquent owners.
  • Examine captured animals for injuries and deliver injured animals to Veterinarian for medical treatment as necessary.
  • Maintain a record for all calls and services. 
  • All other duties as may be assigned.

All investigations, seizures, reports and destruction of animals will be performed in accordance with WV State Code 7-10; 61-8-19a; 29a-3-15; and any other code section deemed appropriate. 



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